Chef Brian Karadimos


Brian Karadimos started his career with Chef Chris Hastings at The Hot and Hot Fish Club. He was originally hired as prep cook. After a lot of hard work and perseverance, Brian climbed the career ladder until eventually he became the Sous Chef at the mere age of 20 years old. During his time as Sous Chef, Brian took part in Chef Chris Hastings winning of the James Beard Award and the Robert Mondavi Award of Excellence. After these achievements with Chef Chris Hastings, Brian felt like he needed more depth and experience, which led him to working with the “godfather of southern cuisine” Frank Stitt at Chez Fon Fon. This was an important time period for Brian because he started to discover his own cooking style and vision.

Chef Brian made a change at this point and began working with Chef Chris Dupont of Café Dupont. Chef Dupont encouraged him to pull from his roots to find his style. With this encouragement, Chef Brian decided to return to Maryland to draw from is family culture. Once arriving in Baltimore Maryland, Chef Brian quickly found a new home the Chef of The Black Olive. Brian coming from a Greek family was happy to learn from the Greek owners of the restaurant. Here he learned the art of Greek cooking using local ingredients and the best seafood from the Mediterranean. After time, Chef Brian felt that he was once again hitting the ceiling of that specific culinary education and decided to relocate to a restaurant that focused on local cuisine, “Chesapeake”.  Chef Brian began working under one of Maryland’s acclaimed Chef’s, Cindy Wolfe. There his belief in local and fresh products was reinforced along with a multitude of culinary education. Chef Brian eventually returned to Birmingham with a wealth of knowledge and a new found culinary identity. He returned to Café Dupont with a new understanding of the art of food along with the moral responsibility of his positions in life. “Care about the cook and the rest will work out” a motto that Chef Dupont instilled in him.

Chef Brian made his final move to Fairhope Alabama in 2005. The culinary environment was a bit different and Chef Brian began making a name for himself by becoming the Chef at Camp Beckwith.  He spent his time learning about the importance of giving to your community along with being a father of two sons. At this point, Chef Brian came to a cross road that required change. Chef Brian began working with the love of his life Lenore. Their relationship rejuvenated his culinary passion. After they married and combined there 6 kids together, they began a new partnership as pastry Chef and Chef. Together they helped open Legacy Bar and Grill in Mobile Alabama. They shared great success while producing beautiful and well thought out cuisine. During this period, Brian and his wife went through a high risk and premature pregnancy to have their “miracle baby” Olive Simone, which ended their time at Legacy Bar and Grill. Thanks to a showering of support from there community and Chef Scott Dumas, they came home to Isabella’s in Fairhope. Isabella’s was a true representation of Chef Brian’s vision. Chef Brian now is living the dream he set years ago as a young man at Bay House Bistro; creating food inspired by his beautiful wife and 7 children. Chef Brian wants “to be a light in the darkness, by giving back to his community through his art”.